January 2020
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[Met-jobs] Fully Funded PhD (ONE Planet DTP) on Evolution of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly winds in past and future climates

From William Roberts <>
To "" <>
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2020 15:07:57 +0000

It's not too late to apply for exciting PhD opportunities!
It's still possible to apply to the ONEplanet DTP (Newcastle and Northumbria Universities) until 31st Jan.

There are many projects that may appeal to climate scientists looking for PhD positions

For example:
OP20303: Evolution of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly winds in past and future climates

The westerly winds that blow around the Southern Hemisphere are driven by a complex set of processes that vary by season and location. In this project you will unpack how these processes and the winds themselves may respond to changes in the climate.

A number of hypotheses exist for how the Southern Hemisphere westerlies may be influenced by changes in the tropics. Zonal mean perspectives suggest wholescale changes in the windspeed; more nuanced basin specific analyses suggest changes in the spatial patterns of the winds. These hypotheses give conflicting predictions for how the Antarctic climate may be changed.

Using the climate of the past as a test bed you’ll investigate how the westerlies may respond to external forcing. Using climate model simulations designed to test the different hypotheses and interrogating databases of pre-existing model simulations you’ll be able to understand what processes can change the winds. Then, by comparing the model results with palaeoclimate data, you’ll be able to make an assessment of how realistic these changes are and thus assess how important the processes that the model simulates are in the real world. Understanding the climate of Antarctica will be an important part of this project as there a relative abundance of climate records for this area.   

This project will involve climate modelling and the interrogation of large dataset of model output. The techniques used for this analysis are typical of those used in data-science, so on completion of the PhD you will have a set of skills that are highly marketable. The potential also exists to take examine how changes in the winds may affect the ocean circulation around Antarctica with implications for past and future stability of the ice sheet.

Contact for information on this project or see
for others

Will Roberts

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