September 2019
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[Met-jobs] Post-Doc in modeling of the atmospheric aerosols - Mediterreanean Institute of Oceanography

From piazzola <>
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2019 12:01:06 +0200

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a Postdoc position in the Mediterreanean Institute of Oceanography (UMR-7294) of the Toulon University (France) with a focus on improving knowledge of the aerosol sources and transport in coastal areas.

 High-resolution modeling of the atmospheric aerosol dynamics in coastal zone

Supervisor : Jacques Piazzola

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO UM 110)-Université de Toulon


Description: In the context of climate change (IPCC 2013), a number of questions arise regarding the medium- and long-term impact of aerosol particles on the Earth's radiative budget (e.g., Andreae , 1995). The ANR-ASTRID MATRAC project (Piazzola, 2018) is concerned with the influence of spatio-temporal variations of the atmospheric aerosol on electromagnetic radiation and the radiative budget, more specifically in the coastal and littoral zone. To achieve it, we propose to study the sources, dynamics and optical properties of the coastal aerosol on the basis of the modeling and experimental measurements. The candidate's work will be more specifically part of the development of a high-resolution modeling of aerosol atmospheric dynamics in the coastal zone to obtain both the relevant forcings for a radiative transfer code and its validation. In particular, it will have to implement the WRF-Chem model on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. To do this, work will be carried out on aerosol sources, particularly marine and anthropogenic sources, which are characteristic of the urbanized coastal zone. The main objective will be to implement the WRF-Chem "LES" version (Large Eddy Simulation) and compare with the outputs of the Meso-NH model.

References :

Andreae, M.O., 1995. Climatic effects of changing atmospheric aerosol levels. World survey of climatology, 16, pp.347–398.

IPCC (2013). 30 Septembre 2013 Working group I Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report-Climate change 2013: The physical science Basis- Final Draft Underlying Scientific- Technical Assessment, accepté mais non approuvé en détails par la 12ème Session du Working Group I and the 36th Session of the IPCC on 26 September 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Piazzola (2018) Modélisation Atmosphérique pour la Transmission des Rayonnements en Atmosphère Côtière (MATRAC)-projet ANR-ASTRID 2018-2021.

Jacques Piazzola
Mediterreanean Institute of Oceanography (UMR-7294)

University of Toulon


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