September 2018
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[Met-jobs] 26 months position in modelling wave and coastal hydrodynamics at Shom, Toulouse

From Heloise Michaud <>
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2018 16:41:04 +0200 (CEST)

Dear all,

Shom  (French national institute of hydrography and oceanography) invites applications for a 26 months position in Toulouse (France) in modelling wave and coastal hydrodynamics for the action plan for flooding and storm surge prevention of Saint-Malo.

The conurbation committee of Saint-Malo has launched an action plan for flooding and storm surge prevention (PAPI d’intention) , an axis of which is  the improvement of the knowledge of the coastal processes (waves, current, set-up) around Saint-Malo. Shom, as a national expert in support of public policies in the marine/offshore and coastal areas, has been involved in this task. The goal/aim of the project is to acquire in-situ data and implement a coupled wave/circulation model in order to improve the knowledge of the risk of submersion of  the coastal zones of Saint-Malo and to define a local alert service.

The work will focus on modelling and statistical studies. In this context, you will be required to participate in the following tasks:

• Performing inventories, data collection and processing (observations, meteorological, oceanographic data ...);

• Carrying out hindcasts simulations of sea state and circulation model using the configurations of the numerical model Wavewatch III and Hycom developed by Shom;

• Calibrating and validating the numerical results with in-situ data obtained during the winter sea campaign and from inventories;

• Developing an expertise in statistical analysis in the field of submersion hazards and extreme levels;

• Developing technical tools for the support to the Maritime  and Coastal Public Policies that meet the expectations of the conurbation committee of Saint-Malo and Shom;

• Writing technical documentation and study reports for the conurbation committee of Saint-Malo.

Within Shom’s ocean research department, you will benefit from the support of experts in sea state, hydrodynamics, bathymetry and measurement of Shom Brest and Toulouse as well as the Shom IT infrastructure for high performance scientific computing (i.e. Ifremer Datarmor calculation mesocenter, scientific computing center of Météo-France). You will be required to interact with experts from external organizations (Ifremer, Météo-France,…) and to present your work to the Saint-Malo conurbation committee and also in national or international conferences.

Required minimum qualifications are:

Degree of Engineer or equivalent (MSc), or Ph. D., in oceanography, atmospheric science, environmental engineering, fluid dynamics, or other closely-related subjects.

You have experience in the following areas:

• Physical oceanography;

• Numerical modelling of sea states and / or coastal hydrodynamics;

• Analysis and statistical processing of atmospherical and oceanographical data.

Basic knowledge in physical instrumentation and meteorology, as well as in the field of coastal hazards are also desirable.


Required skills:

• Significant computer programming skills in Matlab and/or Python;

• Knowledge of computing environments of high performance scientific calculators (linux, shell, parallel computing);

• Ability to work in a team in a multidisciplinary context (physical oceanography, statistics);

• Autonomy, excellent relational skills and initiative;

• Fluency in French and English;

• Written communication skills for writing technical and scientific reports and documenting work.

For more information, please contact Héloïse Michaud

Application must be sent to the Shom human resources department and the deadline is October 15 2018. Applications (in French) should consist of a cover letter and a curriculum vitae.

Please use the "ING_PAPI" keyword in the subject of your email to
facilitate the process of your application by Shom's HR department.

Official advertisement (in French) can be found here:

Yours faithfully,

Héloïse Michaud


  Héloïse Michaud
PhD. Physical Oceanography
PNIA: (73) 26 876 - tel: +33(0) - +33(0)
Antenne de Toulouse BP45017, 31032 TOULOUSE CEDEX 5

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