June 2018
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[Met-jobs] Further Clarification: PhD on convective aggregation in the tropics at ICTP/University of Trieste

From Adrian Tompkins <>
Date Thu, 7 Jun 2018 10:43:43 +0200

Further clarification to this posting:

Additional English information on the call is also available here:

Please specify on your application that you are applying to the ICTP
scholarship "D/1"   (note: stated PI in document is generic for all ICTP


*Deadline for application is June 14^th 2018*

A funded PhD grant is available for applicants of any nationality in the
joint University of Trieste/ICTP/OGS PhD programme on Earth Science,
Fluid Dynamics and Mathematics, under the supervision of myself, Adrian
Tompkins, and Fred Kucharski.

The PhD research will focus on convection in the tropics and its role in
climate. Recent work (Emanuel et al. JAMES, 2014) suggests that
convection may cluster more strongly over warmer sea surface
temperatures, which could lead to a  negative feedback on climate.  If
this process operates at small scales not resolved by climate models it
is likely to be missing from their parameterization schemes and could
possibly imply climate models overestimate climate sensitivity.  The
focus of the PhD project would be to use a combination of high
resolution, convective permitting models, in tandem with observations
and simplified climate models, to examine questions such as:

-       The nature of convective clustering onset and break up

-       Are clustered states “sticky”? – is there a hysteresis behaviour?

-       The sensitivity of clustering to boundary conditions such as the
surface temperature

-       How can clustering be represented in larger scale models?

-       Do observations support modelling studies?

Candidates can have a background in mathematics, physics or meteorology.
Experience in meteorology is not necessary as ICTP offers a full range
of courses that can be followed in the first year of the PhD to provide
the required background; thus a strong motivation for the research topic
is sufficient. Good experience in programming (particularly in FORTRAN)
is definitely an advantage, however.

ICTP is an international research centre located directly on the
Adriatic sea in north-east Italy, 8km from the city of Trieste, and a
short drive to the Alps.  It is a vibrant international environment with
over 4000 international researchers and students annually, attending a
wide range of conferences, schools and workshops. The working language
at the centre is English.

*The Italian entry requirement for a PhD is a Masters degree equivalent
of an Italian ***Laurea Magistrale. However, *international applicants
lacking a masters degree can alternatively demonstrate that they have
the necessary qualifications to enter a PhD programme in the country of
their nationality.  *

* *

*Further details of the PhD programme:*


*Application process and the application form:*

* *
ICTP website:

*Deadline for application is June 14^th 2018.*

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