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[Met-jobs] MOLTEK: Format engineer

From Roger Brugge <>
To "" <>
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2017 12:00:57 +0000

We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a
Format Engineer
You will be based initially for 1 year at our client’s headquarters in 
Darmstadt, Germany. Extension of a further 1.5 years may be possible. In this 
large European Agency you will find an excellent and modern working environment 
with challenging tasks and responsibilities.
Your Tasks:
The Service will provide support for the following format engineering 
•       Populate and maintain the Level 0, 1 and 2 data formats in Client 
specified tools (using BEST and FATCAT), including format auxiliary data such 
as default values and algorithm traceability tables; 
•       Manage level 1 and 2 product formats configuration control (using BEST 
and FATCAT); 
•       Verification that the formats comply with the generic rules for the 
format construction and are self-consistent; 
•       Prototype data products conforming to the formats and assess their key 
characteristics in terms of data volume, generation and reading, e.g. time 
needed to create; 
•       Generate tables and data descriptions in a formal language (e.g. ncML, 
CDL) from BEST and FATCAT databases suitable for inclusion in format 
specifications and other documents; 
•       Propose updates to the generic rules for format construction based on 
prototyping assessment; 
•       Development and maintenance of library functions to generate and read 
data in the MTG formats; 
•       Reformatting of provided test data into the MTG formats. 

Your Profile:

In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant 
discipline such as computer science, physics, mathematics or remote sensing, 
the key person shall have a minimum of three years’ experience in software 
engineering for operational processing of satellite or meteorological data. 

Knowledge and experience of the following is mandatory: 
•       Production and manipulation of data in CCSDS (binary), netCDF, XML, 
BUFR, GRIB and CAP formats; 
•       Description of formats using CDL and ncML; 
•       Development and usage of tools for the conversion of one data format to 
•       Configuration control of data formats; 
•       Development and manipulation of test data for satellite data or other 
meteorological data; 

Practical knowledge and demonstrated ability covering as many as possible of 
the following will be an advantage: 
•       The ability to rapidly learn to work with third party tools provided 
for data format capture and configuration control; 
•       Production of format specification documentation; 
•       Verification of test data compliance to format specifications; 
•       The ability to perform under high workloads; 
•       A high degree of autonomy and good analytical skills;
•       Proven experience in the use of data analysis tools, such as 
Matlab/Python and high-level programming, such as C/C++ 

The official languages are English and French. The working language for the 
position is English and therefore the key person must be able to work 
effectively in this language and have knowledge of the other. Good 
communication skills are essential for the fulfilment of the tasks requiring 

REFERENCE: 17-186-3
LOCATION: Darmstadt, Germany
CLOSING DATE: 20th October 2017
MOLTEK has been serving the space and aerospace industries since 1995, 
providing international consultancy services for a wide variety of clients from 
private and public corporations to national and international authorities and 
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