November 2016
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[Met-jobs] Ph.D. position in ionospheric physics

From "Christoph Jacobi" <>
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2016 12:49:02 +0100

The Institute for Meteorology (LIM), University of Leipzig, Germany, invites applications for an open PhD Position “Delayed response of the ionosphere to solar UV/EUV variability”

The position (75% TV-L E13), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) is awarded for 3 years. The project will be run in cooperation with DLR, Institute of Communications and Navigation. The work includes numerical modeling of the ionospheric response to solar variability at the time scale of the solar rotation. The study will also include the analysis of ionospheric and solar parameters. Some information on the project  is available on

For further details, please contact:
Prof. Christoph Jacobi
Institute for Meteorology
University of Leipzig

We expect strong interest in ionospheric/upper atmosphere physics. Applicants should have a Master-of-Science-equivalent university degree in meteorology, geophysics, physics, or mathematics. Experience in either numerical modeling or high-level scientific programming for data analysis is highly desirable.

Interested candidates should send a CV; a cover letter describing background, training and research interests; certificates; and the contact information of two referees to

Reviews of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position has been filled. The selection for the positions will be based solely on merit without regard to gender, religion, national origin, political affiliation, marital or family status or other differences. Among equally qualified candidates, handicapped candidates will be given preference.

Project details: The ionospheric plasma reacts on solar EUV and UV variations in the course of the solar rotation with a time delay of 1-2 days. This delay is assumed to be owing to transport processes from the lower ionosphere to the F region, but only limited modeling has been performed so far to prove this hypothesis. Within the project, the processes responsible for the ionospheric delay will be investigated through comprehensive data analyses and modeling. Different kinds of solar proxies as well as spectral EUV and UV fluxes from satellite observations will be used and analyzed together with ionospheric parameters from GPS radio occultations and ionosondes, and GPS total electron content maps with both global and high-resolution coverage. In particular, the ionospheric delay will be analyzed at different time scales (short-term, solar rotation, seasonal time scale), and the regional dependence of the delay will be analyzed. Due to the complex character of numerous interacting processes in the thermosphere and ionosphere numerical modeling is required to physically understand the basic processes contributing to the delay. We shall use the Coupled Thermosphere Ionosphere Plasmasphere Electrodynamics (CTIPe) model to simulate the delay and, through sensitivity experiments, investigate and analyze in detail the processes that lead to the observed delay. Additional model experiments will be performed using the Upper Atmosphere Model (UAM) for comparison.
Institut für Meteorologie
Stephanstr. 3
04103 Leipzig
phone: +49-341-9732876
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