September 2016
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[Met-jobs] 2 PhD Positions - Marie Curie Training Network COMPLETE

From Szymon Malinowski <>
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2016 12:07:27 +0200

Two 3 - year positions in atmospheric turbulence , full financing (Salary +living allowance + family allowance) according to Marie Curie Program rules. Collaboratuion within COMPLETE Marie Curie Training Network:

University of Warsaw, Atmospheric Physics Division

Contact persons:
Prof. Szymon Malinowski (,
dr. Marta Waclawczyk (

Small-scale turbulence and spatial distribution of droplets in clouds.
Objectives: The project is aimed at joint investigation of droplet spatial distribution and small-scale turbulence in clouds. We plan measure positions and velocities of cloud droplets in a two-dimensional plane enlightened by a laser sheet technique. We will build a device allowing for uniform illumination of cloud volume of the area ~50x50 cm2 and of variable thickness (~1 mm to ~2 cm). This will allow for visualization of cloud droplets within this volume and quantitative multi-scale (from below Kolmogorov scale to Taylor microscale) measurements of droplet cluster- ing and small scale turbulence. We will test a prototype of this instrument in a laboratory cloud chamber at UW and in wind tunnels at MPG. We will use the instrument to measure properties of clouds in a mountain laboratory (preferably Schneefernenhaus at Zugspitze). We will perform collocated measurements of temperature fluctuations in cloud with our Ultra-Fast Thermometer and/or turbulence measurements with a fine instrument by TAU and PTL in order to investigate small-scale effects of inhomogeneous/homogeneous turbulent mixing in clouds. Expected Results: Quantitative information about droplet spatial distribution and small-scale turbulent mixing in clouds disseminated in scientific publications, increased experience in development of new sensors.
Host: Uniwersytet Warszawski, Poland

ESR 10: Sub-grid scale modelling of particle transport in Large Eddy Simulations of fluid flows. Objectives: The project is aimed at numerical modelling of transport and interactions of Stokes particles, such as cloud droplets and other aerosols. In high Reynolds number flows, say in a cumulus cloud, there is a gap of 2-4 decades between the Kolmogorov scale and the size of transported droplets. Therefore, even Direct Numerical Simulations of the flow require sub-grid scale (SGS) modelling to account for droplet transport and interactions within one grid cell. In DNS, although not straightforward, this modelling is conceptually tractable as the SGS flow is laminar and, essentially, linear. The SGS modelling of Stokes particles in LES is a major theoretical challenge as the SGS flow, unlike in the DNS, is complex and multi-scale. The project will concern theoretical and numerical modelling of the dispersed phase dynamics in LES simulations of the continuous phase flow. We will focus on the correct modelling of collisions and coalescence of Stokes particles in turbulent flows comparing SGS models in true LES with filtered DNS simulations (a priori LES analysis) as the reference results. Expected Results: Improved numerical model of droplet coalescence in Large Eddy Simulations. Qualitative under- standing of the dependence of particle coalescence rate on the details of the SGS model.
Host: Uniwersytet Warszawski, Poland

                         Szymon Malinowski
    Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Fizyki,Instytut Geofizyki
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Geophysics
                ul.Pasteura 7, 02-093 Warszawa, Poland
             tel:[48]022-55-46-860, fax:[48]022-55-46-882

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