July 2016
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[Met-jobs] 12-month postdoctoral fellowship at the CNRM, Toulouse, France

From ROEHRIG Romain <>
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 09:34:30 +0200 (CEST)

Applications are invited for a 12-month postdoctoral position starting around October 2016,  in the climate research group of the CNRM in Toulouse, France ( to work on the following subject: "Improving the representation of Mediterranean heavy precipitating events over land in a regional climate system model." The deadline for application is 31 August 2016.

Context and objectives:

   Most regional climate system models (RCSMs) face difficulties in representing a reasonable precipitation probability density function in the Mediterranean. Small amount of rain are too frequent, preventing any reasonable representation of droughts or heat waves, while the intensity of heavy precipitating events is underestimated by most RCSMs. Preliminary analysis of HyMeX/MED-CORDEX ( stream 1 simulations, performed by state-of-the-art RCMs, revealed a similar behavior, even though RCSMs can be run at relatively high resolution (from ~10 to ~50 km).

   The present postdoctoral fellowship seeks to improve the realism of Mediterranean heavy precipitating events simulated by the CNRM regional atmospheric model. The objective is to improve the model parameterizations, using the process-level knowledge of the events acquired at CNRM during previous studies (e.g., Ducrocq et al 2008, Bresson et al 2012). In this context, the applicant will conduct an in-depth analysis of the physical processes involved in heavy precipitation events in the southeast of France in one or two real cases, comparing CNRM RCSM simulations to convective-permitting simulations performed with the Meso-NH model in a similar set-up. On the one hand, the applicant will analyse the role of a more detailed orography in improving precipitation features. On the other hand, she/he will identify the processes missing in the hydrostatic CNRM RCSM and test new parameterization developments available in the new physics of the CNRM RCSM, such as a parameterization of cold pools generated by convective rainfall evaporation (Grandpeix and Lafore, 2010, Grandpeix et al. 2010) or a parameterization of the interaction between sub-grid orography and convection (Yu 2010).

   This position is funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) through the REMEMBER (understanding and modelling the REgional climate system ModEls in the Mediterranean for BEtter water-related Risk prevention in the context of global change) project, which lies under the umbrella of the HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment framework (HyMeX –

Required qualifications:

  1. A Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences obtained before the starting date of the contract.
  2. An expertise in convection processes, convection parameterization, modelling of convection either in hydrostatic or convection-permitting models
  3. An expertise in Fortran and Unix, and an experience in high computing.
  4. A good command of English.
Practical information:

The successful applicant will be contracted by Météo-France and will be based at the “Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques” (Toulouse, France; within the climate research group. The opened position will start in Fall 2016 for a 12-month duration. The net salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience, ranging from 2000€ to 2700€, after most of the taxes and health insurance premiums have been deducted. Note there might be an additional income tax on top of that, but depending on nationality.

For full consideration, applicants are asked to submit a curriculum vitae (including research experience, publications and conferences, and computing skills), an application letter including a detailed statement of research interest and the names, telephone and email address of 2 referees. Applications should be sent by email before 31 August 2016 to: with copy to  

Informal enquiries are welcome

Romain ROEHRIG                               Phone: +33(0)5 61 07 97 62
METEO-FRANCE                              Fax: +33(0)5 61 07 96 10
CNRM-GAME/GMGEC/EAC            E-mail:
42, Avenue G. Coriolis

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