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[Met-jobs] New Job - Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH - D055/2016

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Date Tue, 24 May 2016 16:45:15 +0200

Forschungszentrum Jülich pursues cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on the pressing issues of our time and undertakes a multitude of tasks in the area of research management. It helps to solve the grand challenges facing society in the fields of energy and environment as well as information and the brain. With more than 5,700 employees, Jülich – a member of the Helmholtz Association – is one of the large interdisciplinary research centres in Europe.

Ph.D. work: Nighttime radical chemistry in the atmosphere

Advertising institute: IEK-8 - Troposphere

Reference number: D055/2016, Physics, chemistry, environmental sciences

The Institute for Energy and Climate Research, Troposphere (IEK-8), investigates the chemical and physical processes in the troposphere that impact the chemical composition of the atmosphere. We are seeking for a new Ph.D. student (physics, chemistry, environmental sciences) in the working group “Radicals and Photochemistry”. The Ph.D work will be done within a three-year program of the Graduate School HITEC.


Organic compounds in the atmosphere are chemically transformed and eventually removed out of the atmosphere. The oxidation agents OH, HO2 are photochemically formed, so that the oxidation efficiency mostly scales with the intensity of the solar radiation. However, also the photo-labile nitrate radical is responsible for the oxidation of trace gases in the atmosphere. Short-lived free radical (OH, HO2, NO3) are challenging to detect and concurrent measurements of all radicals during different seasons are sparse. Therefore, the relative importance of the different oxidation mechanisms in the atmosphere are not well constrained. In the context of a larger project at IEK-8, the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere will be quantified during different seasons. Experiments will be done in the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR at IEK-8, in which the chemical transformation of ambient air will be investigated. The focus of this work will be the execution and interpretation of nitrate radical measurements within this project. A prototype instrument based on cavity ring-down absorption spectroscopy for the detection of nitrate radicals exists, but needs further development for routine measurements at the chamber. Regular quality assurance of the instrument’s performance will be required during the year-long measurements. The evaluation of experiments are done by looking at the chemical budget and by comparing measurements with model calculations, in order to improve the prediction of secondary atmospheric pollutants.


  • Master degree in physics, chemistry, environmental sciences or a related field
  • Profound knowledge of laser spectroscopy

We offer:

  • An exciting, inter-disciplinary team work
  • Excellent scientific environment and technical facilities
  • Broad spectrum of training in the Graduate School HITEC ( and the Forschungszentrum
  • Payment und social benefits based on the labour agreement of the public sector employment (TVöD)

For further information about the topic please contact Dr. Hendrik Fuchs,
Phone: +49 2461 61-6741, e-mail:

Forschungszentrum Jülich aims to employ more women in this area and therefore particularly welcomes applications from women. We also welcome applications from disabled persons.

Please send your application - quoting the reference number and the position of interest - with the relevant documentation to:
Mr. Karl Beumers
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften
52425 Jülich




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