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[Met-jobs] Position for Operational Marine Forecaster

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Could you please spread around the below ad? (Link =


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Marine Weather Forecaster (Abu Dhabi)

·         Job ID: 1051

·         Region: Middle East and India

·         Location: Abu Dhabi, AE

·         Closing date: Thursday May 26, 2016

·         Employment status: Experienced Professional

·         Employment type: Permanent

Job Description

Job Description/Role Profile


Job Title :   MARINE WEATHER FORECASTER                


Reports to :  Operations Manager (MWS) 


Direct reports: Not applicable


Authority Level: Not applicable


Key Accountabilities:


Basic Function

This is primarily an onshore position based in our Abu Dhabi office reporting to the Forecasting Division’s Operations Manager.  At times suitably experienced forecasters may be called upon to assist in weather critical operations at a client’s offshore location for periods up to one month at a time.  The Abu Dhabi forecasting centre is one of 3 centres strategically placed to service the needs of offshore operations anywhere in the world.  Services are provided and supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as such this position requires shift work even during weekends and public holidays.

Job Scope:

Responsible for preparation of Marine Weather Forecasts for our clients engaged in various offshore and near shore activities.  These include operations for a wide range of weather critical activities from dredgers working near shore or in ports, oil exploration activities in harsh, remote locations and offshore construction with very fine operating limits.  Primary responsibility is for the provision of accurate and reliable forecasts by the onshore forecaster to rigs and vessels operating offshore. Further diversification into renewables and construction will also require knowledge of onshore activities.

1.Primary Duties and Responsibilities

a)Preparation of daily marine weather forecasts for numerous clients operating over a wide geographical region.  The Abu Dhabi office’s domain of responsibility covers the Eastern Mediterranean, Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, East Africa, Arabian Sea, The Gulf and the Caspian Sea.

b)Maintain highest standards of marine weather forecasting by the use of up to date weather models and forecasting techniques.  Weather model interpretation and the ability to apply “local effect” to model output are all essential.

c)Assist the offshore operators in all aspects of meteorology and oceanography in relation to anticipated changes in weather and sea conditions at specific locations and along sea routes.  A very proactive approach must be undertaken to ensure the safety of their personnel working on location, for the security of their assets and to ensure full advantage can be taken of changing weather conditions.

d)Liaise with the offshore personnel on a regular basis offering clear and unambiguous opinions on weather development.  The nature of weather forecasting is such that the forecaster must be prepared to express any concerns or uncertainty in the weather forecast but have the strength of character to not to be persuaded to change their opinion if pressured.

e)A non-passive approach to weather forecasting ensuring unexpected changes in weather conditions and the onset of severe weather conditions are conveyed to the clients without delay.

f)Assist in maintaining and improving the company’s QA and HSE Management systems in relation to the provision of marine weather forecasts.


Roles And Responsibilities


2.HSEQ Responsibilities

 a)Part of the Fugro GEOS Forecasting Team responsible for provision of forecasts in Abu Dhabi, working closely with the Operations Managers and Senior Forecasters based in the Fugro GEOS Singapore and UK offices.


Qualifications required:

a)A Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Mathematics or Geography

b)A formal professional qualification in meteorology

c)A willingness to work at offshore locations and undergo a BOSIET course.

d)Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products.

e)A clear understanding of QHSE policies and practices

f)Fluent in both written and spoken English.

g)Willingness to work shifts.

Skills / experience required to do the job:

a)A minimum of 3 years’ experience in Marine Weather Forecasting, 2 years of which has been in supplying weather forecasting services for the oil and gas offshore industry.


b)Knowledge of winds and wave computer models.


c)Previous experience working on offshore oil and gas facilities and vessels. 


d)Basic understanding of computer systems and networks.


e)An enthusiasm to develop the science of meteorology and oceanography and to explore new techniques and methods to increase the accuracy and reliability of marine weather forecasting.


f)An active member of meteorological news groups and professional associations.


g)Well organised and able to manage varying workloads.


h)Team worker and able to work with people of different nationalities and religious backgrounds.


i)Able to cope and manage situations through demand spikes.


j)Decisive and willing to take responsibility.


k)Willingness to be on call and work extended hours if required.



Role specific Behavioral competencies required:


1.Problem-solving/judgment: ability to observe, think critically and to solve problems using data, analysis, interpretation, and reasoning skills


2.Managing Information/communication: the ability to generate, collect and share relevant information (goals, results, developments etc.), in order to enable others (within or outside own Team) to achieve better or more results.


3.Decision-making & Prioritising: the ability to make right decisions, based on a sound analysis, reasoning, judgment, and well-balanced priority setting.


4.Teamwork: dedication and ability to work successfully with others in a team.


5.Managing Performance: The ability to set challenging goals, build appropriate team(s), distribute and manage tasks, and to encourage and lead the team to achieve the goals set.


6.Agility: the proven capability to be flexible, responsive, adaptive, and show initiative in times of change (e.g. priorities, work planning/location, skills/technologies, work processes, relationships), uncertainty and opportunities.


7.Client focus: The ability to generate client satisfaction (internally or externally), potentially resulting in long term client relationships and additional work. The ability to create a client oriented culture and atmosphere among his/her staff members, resulting in client satisfaction.

Additional Details

Fugro Survey (Middle East) Ltd (“FSME”) is a certified survey company within the Fugro Group, with over 300 employees and operating in accordance with recognised international standards (ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007). FSME specialises in the provision of Geophysical and Hydrographic Survey, Offshore Geotechnical Investigations, ROV Services and positioning services. Services are provided to the offshore oil and gas industry, construction companies and the submarine cable industry. FSME is the leading offshore survey company in the Middle East region, promoting the application of new technology and techniques to the survey industry. The working area includes the Gulf, Arabian Sea and Red Sea.




Kind regards,

Fugro Survey (Middle East) Ltd.


Johan Vlassenbroeck

Regional Manager - Weather Forecasting Services


T: +971 2 554 5101 | M: +971 50 616 6355 | F: +971 2 554 5059 |

Plot 1F, Sector MN1, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi | P.O. Box 43088, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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