March 2016
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[Met-jobs] PhD position on Thunderstorm ensemble prediction, CNRM/Meteo-France, Toulouse, France

From "Roger Brugge" <>
To "" <>
Date Wed, 9 Mar 2016 18:40:02 +0000

PhD position opening mid-2016
Topic: ensemble prediction of thunderstorms
Location: CNRM, Météo-France, Toulouse (France)
Main supervisor and contact point: François Bouttier 

Context: ensemble prediction has become a key forecasting tool for 
low-predictability weather events such as thunderstorms. The principle of 
ensemble prediction is to randomly perturb a small (~15) set of numerical 
simulations of the atmosphere, to sample in real time the distribution of 
probabilities of the weather forecast. Thanks to rapid progress in numerical 
weather prediction models and computing resources, it is now becoming feasible 
to issue operational ensemble predictions at kilometric resolutions over whole 
countries. Delivering substantial progress in forecasting thunderstorms with 
these tools is possible if specific progress is made in the modelling and 
validation techniques of these rather special physical events.

Objectives: the focus is on thunderstorm-generated rain, gusts, hail, and air 
traffic hazards, over low-elevation areas. The objective of the work will be to 
improve and to validate Arome-EPS (a state of the art numerical weather 
prediction system) in terms of these parameters. There will be four themes, to 
be tackled using appropriate software development, numerical experimentation 
and data analysis:
•       forecast validation using radar and lightning detection networks
•       building statistically sound samples of heavy thunderstorm events using 
high-resolution reanalysis techniques
•       design, development and testing of innovative representations of model 
error in the ensemble prediction system
•       connection between numerical weather prediction and nowcasting systems.

Required experience and abilities: candidates are warned that the Ph.D involves 
applying physical and mathematical thinking to complex numerical modelling 
software and large datasets. Thus, motivation and prior experience with the 
highly technical fields of numerical modelling and atmospheric physics are 
strongly recommended.
•       high-level training in atmospheric physics
•       experience with numerical models of the atmosphere (or related fields)
•       understanding of statistics, data analysis and scientific methodology
•       ability for independent development and troubleshooting in basic Unix 
shell, python, fortran90
•       oral and written presentation of scientific results in English
•       scientific work in a team
The working environment will provide technical & scientific support and 
training at the appropriate level for a Ph.D. It will be possible to work in 
English, some notions of French are recommended for everyday life in the area. 
The job offer is targeted for students who are completing their training in 
relevant academic fields. Candidates will be asked to provide a CV, motivation 
letter, and some scientific documentation on their previous work (e.g. 
internship report in a related field). Funding for the Ph.D is not yet 
confirmed, the purpose of this job offer is to preselect suitable candidates 
for funding opportunities that are expected in spring/summer 2016. For further 
information about the CNRM laboratory and this Ph.D topic, please check:

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