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[Met-jobs] PhD position in Ocean Modelling

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 19:47:17 +0000

PhD position in Ocean Modelling

The Marine Research Centre (MARE) of the University of Liège (ULg) (Belgium) is 
offering a Ph.D. grant in the framework of the FaCE-It project (Functional 
biodiversity in a Changing sedimentary Environment: Implications for 
biogeochemistry and food webs in a managerial setting), financed by the Belgian 
Science Policy (Belspo) in the frame of the BRAIN program. The project is 
coordinated by Steven Degraer and Ilse De Mesel (Royal Belgian Institute of 
Natural Science – DO Nature) and  is in collaboration with Karline Soetaert, 
Jan Vanaverbeke, Tom Moens (UGent, marine biology research group), Gert Van 
Hoey (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries research; Aquatic environment 
and quality) and Marilaure Grégoire, A. Capet, JM. Beckers, E. Delhez, A. Barth 
FaCE-It aims at understanding the impact of a changing sedimentary environment 
on the benthic ecosystem functioning (i.e. biogeochemical cycling and food 
webs) of the Southern Bight of the North Sea (SBNS) from the local scale to 
those larger scales in which managers are interested in for the implementation 
of the MSFD.  More specifically, the project will investigate the impact of the 
hardening, resulting mainly from the installation of offshore wind farms, and 
fining, resulting from multiple human activities (e.g. aggregate extraction) on 
the biogeochemistry and foodweb structure at local and larger scales.
The PhD thesis will be targeted towards the implementation of a tri-dimensional 
(3D) hydrodynamical-sediment transport model of the SBNS. The candidate will 
have to run the model in order to understand the processes that govern the 
distribution of the suspended particulate matter and seafloor sediment grain 
size and, to differentiate the impact of natural versus anthropogenic forcings 
(e.g. aggregates extraction, wind farms). Based on case studies of extraction 
sites derived from the literature, the model will simulate and scale the impact 
of aggregate extraction on seafloor integrity and hydrographical conditions 
(Descriptors 6 and 7, Marine Framework Strategy Directive (MFSD)). The PhD 
candidate will have to upgrade the hydrodynamical model by adding a 
representation of some specific sediment processes (e.g. diagenesis, 
biodeposition by filter feeders) based on local modelling and experiments 
performed in the project. This model upgrade will allow scaling up the impact 
of substrate modifications on the biogeochemistry, benthic functionality and 
food webs. Information derived from the model will be used to propose new 
indicators relevant for the MFSD.

Requirements for application:
·   M.Sc. in engineering, physical science, earth and environmental sciences or 
·   Above-average knowledge of Unix and FORTRAN90, and experience with 
supercomputers are welcome
·   Good knowledge in English.

Duration: Four years from early 2016.
The candidate will collaborate with a team of scientists from different fields 
of oceanography (biological, chemical, sedimentology, modelling).
The candidate should send as soon as possible by e-mail his/her curriculum 
vitae, a covering letter of motivation, together with two references (name and 
email address), to Marilaure Grégoire (email:<>).

Marilaure Grégoire

Marilaure Grégoire

University of Liège
Interfacultary Center for Marine Research (MARE)
B5a Sart-Tilman
B-4000 Liège

Attachment: PhD Offer in Ocean Modellinh at the University of Liege.pdf
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