April 2015
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[Met-jobs] PhD fellowship Oslo: Ecological Climatology and Distribution Modelling

From Frode Stordal <>
Cc Frode Stordal <>
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 09:21:07 +0200

At the University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences, we are seeking
candidates for a 4 year PhD fellowship in Ecological Climatology and Distribution Modelling. The PhD position is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences strategic research initiative Land-Atmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments (LATICE) lead by the Institute of Geosciences in collaboration with the Natural History Museum (NHM) and the department of Informatics, University of Oslo. The PhD position will be associated with the Geo-ecological research group (GEco) at the NHM, where also the candidate will have her/his work place.

The project shall include the following elements:
* Analysis of relationships between vegetation/nature/plant functional types and the environment by use of gradient analysis methods (ecological response modelling), using own data collected in the field in Norwegian mountains. * Local and/or regional-scale spatial distribution modelling of vegetation/nature/plant functional types, using the data collected in the field and derived from digital maps and/or models of relevant predictor variables. * Improve parameterizations in a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) of plant species, plant functional type distributions, and/or vegetation/nature types using own data and other relevant data from alpine and/or arctic regions. This will be done in close collaboration with researches currently working on dynamic vegetation modelling at the Department of Geosciences.

Within the 4-year employment period, work of an amount corresponding to one year will be devoted to duty work.

The announcement is posted at:

For more information, please contact:

Frode Stordal <>

Frode Stordal

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