December 2014
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[Met-jobs] Position advertisement

From "Irene Xueref-Remy" <>
To, "Philippe Ciais" <>
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2014 11:10:27 +0100


Please find in attachment an advertisement for a Postdoctoral position in 
Paris, France.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Irène Xueref-Remy

Postdoctoral position

Analysis of the variability of atmospheric CO2 and CO:CO2 emission ratios for 
quantification of emissions from traffic in the Paris megacity.

Duration : 8 months
Starting date : February 1st, 2014 (expected)
Location : Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement LSCE 
CEA-CNRS-UVSQ Orme des Merisiers 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX – France
Responsible : Irène Xueref-Remy (tel : +33 1 69 08 98 01 / et Philippe Ciais ( )
Name of the project : CarboCount-City (KIC CLIMATE). The Carbocount City 
project aims to develop a service for cities to quantify, understand their 
greenhouse gas emissions in order to help them meet their emission reduction 
target. The elements of this service are developed by LSCE and partner 
corporate partners.
Skills requirements : The candidate should have a phD in atmospheric Physics. 
Skills in data analysis using statistical tools using standard software 
packages (e.g. R, Matlab, IDL) are required. Due to the short length of the 
position, experience with atmospheric data analysis is an advantage.
Position summary:
More than 70% of global CO2 emissions come from urbanized areas, especially 
from megacities.
Paris, the second largest megacity in Europe emits about 50 MtCO2 per year, 
mainly from car traffic and residential / commercial buildings.  To date, 
knowledge from emissions is from inventories based on energy use statistics 
that are not independently evaluated using measurements, and not slidfrequently 

During the combustion process of gasoline, CO2 is co-emitted with other species 
such as CO (and NOx) in proportion that are specific of each fossil fuel type 
and combustion type (e.g. different traffic conditions and car engines). The 
analysis of CO:CO2 ratios in the urban atmosphere can help understand the 
relative role of traffic based emissions among the total CO2 emitted.

The candidate will use atmospheric CO2 and CO measurements to characterize the 
variability of atmospheric CO2 and CO:CO2 emission ratios from the traffic 
sector. The data will come from intensive field campaigns of atmospheric CO2 
and CO measurements using a Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer into a mobile 
platform. Over a year and starting in November 2014, a total of 6 campaigns of 
1500km/10 days each will be carried out in the Paris area, using on the same 
transect to facilitate comparison between the campaigns and available 
inventories and atmospheric model results. These data will be acquired and made 
available to the candidate.

We seek for a young scientist who will process, calibrate and analyze the data 
for characterizing the diurnal, weekdays/weekend and seasonal variability of 
traffic-emitted CO2 and CO:CO2 emissions. The candidate will interact with the 
people in charge of gathering the field data and participate to some of the 
mobile field campaigns. The results from this work should be a slid scientific 
analysis in the prospect of the development of atmospheric tools to help cities 
authorities measure emissions from traffic. The candidate will interact with 
corporate partners, the Climate KIC people and stakeholders, as well as with 
atmospheric inversion modelers working in the Carbocount-City project to infer 
city-scale emissions over the Paris area, in view of the forthcoming COP21 
event in 2015.

The salary will be commensurate with experience, on the order of 33000 euros 
net per year, including full health care and retirement pension benefits.

Applications should include a CV and a cover letter, and if possible the names 
of two reference persons, and sent to, and

Attachment: Position_offer_mobile_campaigns-01122014.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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