November 2014
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[Met-jobs] Traineeship offer Toulon University

From Anne Molcard <>
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 17:28:20 +0100

Traineeship/Master2/ 2015
Duration : 4 to 6 months starting February 2015
Laboratory: MIO – Univ. Toulon
Contact : A. Molcard (, Y. Ourmieres (

Numerical simulations of the ocean circulation around the Gold Islands (Porquerolles, South of France)

The traineeship will take place in the framework of the regional project PREVENT, having the main objective to implement a circulation and transport model to evaluate the transfer input and export of pollutants in the Bay of Toulon.
The dynamic of the Bay of Toulon is characterized by very small scales that may not be correctly simulated using a traditional PE (Primite Equations)-based model, and the hydrostatic hypothesis may be very strong considered the limited (~10km) and coastal region, especially during strong wind episodes (Marshall et al., 1997, Schaeffer et al., 2011).

The main objective of the traineeship is to implement a realistic model in the region off Toulon around the Gold Islands, based on the MITgcm Non hydrostatic.
The model will first be implemented on ideal cases (single layer ocean double gyre, global ocean 4X4deg, internl wave forced by OBC, …). The student will then develop a new configuration, including the interpolation of the bathymetry, the preprocessing of the boundary forcing (OBC and atmospheric).

The numerical simulations will then be validated with observations (HF-radar, ADCP, …) and compared with other simulations obtained with traditional hydrostatic models (NEMO, Ourmieres et al., 2011).

The successful student should have a background in numerical modeling, and physical oceanography.

Marshall, J., Hill, C., Perelman, L., Adcroft, A. Hydrostatic, quasi-hydrostatic, and nonhydrostatic ocean modeling. J. Geo.Res., 102 (C3), 5733-5752.
Ourmières Y., Zakardjian B., Béranger K., Langlais C., 2011. Assessment of a NEMO-based
downscaling experiment for the North Western Mediterranean region: impacts on the Northern Current and comparison with ADCP data and altimetry products. Ocean Modeling, 39, 386-404.
Schaeffer A., Molcard A., Forget P., Fraunie P. and P. Garreau , Generation mechanisms of
mesoscale eddy in the Gulf of Lions: radar observations and modelling, 2011, Ocean Dynamics 61 (10), 1587-1609.

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