November 2014
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[Met-jobs] Traineeship offer Toulon University

From Anne Molcard <>
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 15:28:51 +0100

Marine litter mapping along the Porquerolles islands

The presence of beach litter (or macro-waste) along the Parc National de Port-Cros (PNPC) shores has an important impact on the environment and the local economy. As a previous stage in macro-waste management, it appears essential to better know the waste flux, their potential sources and stranding zones as well as their variability depending on the weather conditions and the anthropic pressure (tourism, industry, marine traffic...). This work takes place in the framework of the CADOR project (funded by Toulon Provence Méditerranée TPM), for which the main goal is to better understand the small scale dynamics of the area and their impact on litter transport. Monitoring the absence or presence of litter along the shores, as well as using data from drifters able to transmit their position in real time will help in establishing a link between the litter provided by local rivers and their specific impact on the PNPC shores, depending on the oceanic and atmospheric conditions. The task proposed here will feature a field campaign around the PNPC shores including litter monitoring and drifter deployments. Numerical simulations (ocean / atmosphere) will also be used for the area to complete the study. The drifters deployed at rivers mouths will be monitored and confronted to the beach litter observations. The shores will be separated in different categories depending on their coastline shape and sensibility (orientation) to the main local currents and winds. This should help in mapping the main litter transport paths of the area as well as giving a litter distribution overview. Seasonal deployment as well as during extreme weather events (rain, wind, waves) will be also performed in order to
highlight the importance of atmospheric / hydrodynamic forcing.
The candidate tasks will be mainly to : (i) set up the experimental protocol for the drifters deployment, (ii) monitor the litter distribution along the PNPC shores, (iii) organize the different results in a complete database. This database will then have to be analysed along with ocean current numerical simulations and current data measured from HF radar
(managed by the MIO).

Skill required:
- physical oceanography
-data processing
- Matlab / Fortran programming
- team work
Traineeship duration: 4 to 6 months, possibly starting in january 2015 depending on the candidate
Traineeship place: MIO-Toulon, Toulon university campus

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