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[Met-jobs] Postdoc to model large Cenozoic climate transitions at Stockholm University

From Agatha de Boer <>
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2014 15:58:58 +0200

I'd like to post the following job ad to your list. It is also attached in pdf in case that is helpful.
Many thanks,

Stockholm University is accepting applications for a

Postdoctoral fellow to model links between oceanic gateways and Cenozoic climate transitions

at the Department of Geological Sciences  and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research.  SU FV-2039-14.  Application deadline: 2014-08-29.


Project description

Large climate transitions in the past are often linked to tectonic reconfigurations that opened or closed oceanic straits. These could affect climate through changes in the oceans capacity to store carbon and to redistribute heat, both of which are tightly linked to the structure and strength of the large scale ocean circulation. This project will use a global coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice model to investigate the potential role of changes in strait flows for one or more of the major climate transitions during the Paleogene and Neogene (66-2.6 Ma).


One question of particular interest is the relation between the initial glaciation of Antarctica 34 million years ago, close to the Eocene-Oligocene boundary, and the onset of North Atlantic Deep Water formation, both of which broadly coincide with the opening of Drake Passage and the Tasman Seaway, as well as modification to ocean corridors through the low latitude Tethys Ocean and Arctic region. However, the specific direction of the study will also be guided by the interest of the successful applicant.


We ask each applicant to write a letter presenting (i) their experience and motivation and (ii) a short research proposal (1-2 pages) describing a research question fitting with the broad  paleoclimate objectives of this project. It could, for example, include a short literature background and a suggestion of how the problem could be addressed using models. The proposal is foremost to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their research skills.


The candidate will be employed in the Department of Geological Science ( and be part of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research ( The Bolin Centre provides a stimulating working environment that brings together observationalists and modellers from a wide range of disciplines to study the climate at all time scales.



A PhD, or other degree that is deemed similar to a PhD, in physical oceanography, climatology, atmospheric dynamics, or other relevant field of science is required. Some experience of large scale ocean or atmosphere modelling is highly desirable.  


Terms of employment

The position is full time for a maximum of two years. The working language will be English. The earliest start date is 1 Nov 2014 but this is somewhat flexible.


More information
Further information about the position can be requested from

Agatha de Boer: telephone +46 8-16 4730;


The deadline for applications is 29 Aug, 2014. The application shall include:

·         Cover letter

·         CV with publication list

·         Maximum 2-page long letter of interest.

·         Proof of doctoral degree

·         Contact information for at least two academic referees (the committee will contact them directly if required)

Please send your application, marked with ref. no. SU FV-2039-14, no later than 29 Aug 2014 to:

The electronic documents should be in Word- or PDF-format.
N.B. Quote reference number: SU FV-2039-14 in all correspondence.


Union representatives
Anqi Lindblom-Ahlm (Saco-S) and Lisbeth Häggberg (Fackförbundet ST), tel. 08-16 2000 (exchange), and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), tel. 070-316 43 41.

Agatha M. de Boer, 
Associate Professor 
Dept. of Geological Science and Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Tel: +46 8 16 4730

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