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[Met-jobs] PhD Student Position at University of Leeds (UK)

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 09:07:09 +0000

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The School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds is
offering a position for a PhD student on

Carbon cycle conundrums: Will the warming feed the warming?
The aim of this PhD project is to better understand the regional
distribution of carbon sinks as well as the underlying drivers,
processes and mechanisms by combining model, observation and synthesis

The objectives outlined below are suggestive and will also depend on
your interests and background in this area of research:

1) Develop a capability for detecting and attributing spatio-temporal
shifts in the terrestrial carbon cycle. Learning about statistical
methods (e.g. EOF and change point analysis) and applying them on key
time series (e.g. atmospheric CO2 records) in the context of the carbon
cycle. The aim would be to identify coherent signals in a broad range of
observation and synthesis data sets. The Top-Down Approach.

2) Perform global simulations with terrestrial biogeochemical models
(e.g. CASA) driven with satellite-derived vegetation data for the period
1982-2011+ and climate forcings. The aim would be to independently
identify regions/ecosystems in which carbon uptake is consistent with
the timing, magnitude and spatial distributions of carbon sinks derived
from synthesis studies (Objective 1). The Bottom-Up Approach.

3) Identify biological, physical, and anthropogenic mechanisms
responsible for temporal changes in carbon uptake derived from
atmosphere and ocean studies (Objective 1) with a focus on the regions
identified in Objective 2. This can be achieved through a set of
simulations with two ecosystem models (JULES and CLM4) of varying degree
of complexity and observational constraints.

Through this PhD project you will learn all the essential tools (models
and observations) that are applied in the study of the global carbon
cycle and how it relates to processes within the Earth system. Hereby,
you will benefit from working within a highly active and
multidisciplinary group of internationally renowned scientists in the
Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science and in Geography. Dr.
Buermann, Dr. Spracklen and Prof. Gloor have also extensive
international collaborations, and this PhD may also involve
international travel for training purposes.

A good first degree (1 or high 2i), or a good Masters degree in a
ecological, physical or mathematical discipline, such as mathematics,
physics, geophysics, engineering, meteorology, geography, or
environmental science. Experience with programming languages is of

Funding notes
This is a fully funded project.

Please apply with the usual documents by Feb.28, 2014.

Contact information
Dr. Wolfgang Buermann
Associate Professor
Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Tel.: +44(0)113 34 34958




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