November 2013
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[Met-jobs] Research Engineer to ICOS (Sweden)

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 20:14:32 +0000

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Vacancy: Research engineer to ICOS Sweden

We invite for applications to the open position as a Research Engineer
in the area of micrometeorology and environmental measurements. The
position has its base at the forest research station, located in the
Svartberget Experimental Forest (Lat 64°14’ N, Long 19°14’ E) near
Vindeln, about 70 km northwest of the town Umeå, Sweden.

The main task of the position will be to participate in the development
and maintenance of the ICOS monitoring sites in the Vindeln area. A
major part of the work includes supervision, calibration and maintenance
of field equipment, on ground and in towers, as well as data handling
(transfer, quality check and deliveries). The work includes daily
routines as well as temporary intensive campaigns. There may also be
participation in other, relevant research projects that are supervised
from the research station. The work is performed in collaboration within
the ICOS-team, other researcher and research groups and with the staff
members at the research station.

Professional requirements

The position requires an academic exam in natural/technical science
including one or several of the subject’s micrometeorology, physical
geography, environmental physics and biogeochemical measurement
technology. A Ph.D. within one of these fields of science is desirable
but not required. Experience in micro-meteorological methods, automated
systems for biochemical research and field measurements, ability to work
in meteorological tower up to 150 meter, computing and data management
are also considered an advantage. Collaborative competence and ability
to structure and prioritise working tasks efficiently are important
personal qualifications. The ability to express yourself in speech and
writing in English, is also important, and an advantage if in Swedish as
well. Driving license is required.

Please find out more! For further information and to apply for the
positions, visit the web sites:




Applications close 12 December 2013


ICOS - Integrated Carbon Observation System

- is a new European research infrastructure for quantifying and
understanding the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent and
of adjacent regions. The infrastructure is built up as a collaboration
of nationally operated measurement stations in 17 European countries.
ICOS Sweden ( is the Swedish contribution to
this European effort.

High-precision, standardized observations of the exchange of greenhouse
gases and heat between the Earth's surface and its atmosphere form an
essential basis for understanding not only our planet's present climate,
but also past and future developments. It has also become clear that
these studies must be secured beyond the lifetime of a typical research
project. The aim of ICOS is therefore to construct, equip and operate a
network of standardized long-term, high precision integrated monitoring
stations for atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations of CO2, CH4, CO
and radiocarbon-CO2.

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