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[Met-jobs] Postdoctoral Researcher Position at Justus Liebig University of Giessen (Germany)

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Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 14:32:58 +0000

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A 3 year postdoc position is available within the German Science
Foundation project “Attribution of Forced and internal Chinese climate
variability in the Common era”. PIs are Dr. Luterbacher (Department of
Geography, University of Giessen); Dres. Zorita and Wagner (Department
of Paleoclimatology of the Institute of Coastal Research,
Helmholtz-Zentrum-Geesthacht, HZG) and Dr. J. Jungclaus (The Ocean in
the Earth System Department, Max- Planck- Institute for Meteorology
Hamburg, MPI-M).

The working place is Department of Geography, Justus Liebig University
of Giessen, Germany (Dr. J. Luterbacher). Starting date is January 2014.

Project description:

The project reconstructs and analyses the climate variability in China
during the last millennium using climate proxy records and climate
simulations, with the main goal of separating forced versus internal
climatic variations in a formal detection and attribution study. The
wealth of natural and documentary proxy information will be used and
apply advanced statistical reconstructions methods, including Bayesian
Hierarchical Modelling (BHM). A product will be a gridded temperature
and precipitation dataset that allows for a consistent and regionally
structured view of climate evolution over the past 1000 years over
China. Emphasis will be given to summer-monsoon-related climatic variations.

We will make use of global paleoclimate simulations from the CMPI5/PMIP3
data base and analyse the ensemble of other existing last millennium
simulations with the models ECHO-G (HZG), ECHAM5-MPIOM, and MPI-ESM
(MPI-M). The ensemble includes a suite of simulations with different
prescribed boundary conditions and is suitable to identify and
disentangle the impact of the past individual forcings. The global
simulations will be augmented by one high-resolution regional simulation
with the model CLM (HZG) that allow for a better representation of the
interaction between the global external forcing, large-scale climate
drivers (e.g. ENSO, the Asian Monsoon, and their interaction with the
regional characteristics (topography, land-sea contrast, land-use). The
output will allow to estimate the sensitivity of the climate in China to
variations in external forcing and to test the skill of climate models
in simulating past climate changes. Further, a detection and attribution
analysis of regional climate variability for the past millennium will be
performed. The project will help constrain the uncertainties in the
regional climate projections for China (including the monsoon regions)
by taking into account the external global drivers, the regional
forcings and the large-scale modification of landscape due to human

Duties: The postdoctoral researcher will generate a multi-proxy based
gridded high temporal and spatial reconstruction using Bayesian
hierarchical modelling for the past millennium for China. Reconstructed
temperature and precipitation variability in China will be compared with
GCM and RCM simulations provided by MPI-M and HZG to better understand
the physical mechanisms responsible for the forced and unforced climate
variability. Detection/Attribution of forced climatic responses in China
over the past 1000 years will be performed. The work will be published
in the peer reviewed scientific literature. It will be performed in
close collaboration with Dres. Zorita and Wagner (HZG) and Dr. J.
Jungclaus (MPI-M). The project work has also strong links with other
research teams in Europe (Edinburgh, Prof. G. Hegerl; Bjerknes Center
Bergen, Prof. E. Jansen; Madrid, Prof. F.J. Gonzalez-Rouco; Murcia, Dr.
E. Garcia-Bustamante) and China (Institute of Geographic Sciences and
Natural Resources Research, Beijing, Proff. Q. Ge and Z. Hao; Key
Laboratory of Desert and Desertification and Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Lanzhou University, Prof. B. Yang; Research School of Arid
Environment and Climate Change, Lanzhou University, Prof. F. Chen).

Requirements: Candidates should hold a PhD in natural sciences with
experience in paleoclimatological applications and a strong background
in statistical analysis or a PhD in statistics/mathematics ideally with
experience in paleoclimatology. Experience in handling large data sets
and statistical modelling are envisaged. Experience in project
management and ability to work efficiently in multidisciplinary
environment are essential. Applicants must provide evidence of high
quality research and a very good publication record in peer-reviewed
journals. The successful applicant will be expected to publish research
papers in peer-reviewed journals, and participate in international
conferences and spend some time with the project partners in Germany and
other research teams abroad. A motivated, well organized, creative and
enthusiastic team-player is much appreciated.

Pay scale grouping follows the “Tarifvertrag Hessen” (TV-H).

Duration of the postdoctoral research position is 36 months, starting is
January 2014.

Applicants should prepare a CV, motivation letter (1 page),
qualifications, publication list and contact details of three referees:

Please note that only an electronic version of the application in one
single pdf file will be considered.

Please send your application to Prof. Juerg Luterbacher

Deadline of the application end of August 2013.

Severely handicapped persons with comparable occupational qualification
are favourably considered.

Application documents will not be returned to applicants.

Prof. Juerg Luterbacher, PhD

Head for Climatology, Climate

Dynamics and Climate Change

Justus Liebig University of Giessen

Senckenbergstrasse 1 (neues Schloss)

D-35390 Giessen


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