June 2013
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[Met-jobs] Postdoc in Geoengineering

From "Nantuna, Sharyn" <>
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2013 05:32:39 -0700

Postdoc Opportunity: The Science of Geoengineering

Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology on the Stanford campus.

We are seeking an outstanding postdoctoral researcher who can lead research projects that contribute to a better understanding of the science of geoengineering. Typically, global climate models are our primary tool, but we would be open to using other tools. We are particularly interested in exploring climate consequences of proposals that have not yet been deeply explored, especially those that do not fall neatly into the “solar geoengineering / carbon dioxide removal” taxonomy (e.g., changing sea-surface temperature, changing land-surface roughness/wetness).  We are also interested in extending science related to solar geoengineering proposals, and advancing relevant underlying climate science (e.g., effect of changes in planetary surface characteristics on the climate system). When we try to answer technical and scientific questions, we strive to be as objective and value neutral as possible.

The successful candidate will play a major role in planning and executing these investigations, working in a diverse group that will include climate modelers, energy-system analysts, and field researchers. We are looking to develop an exciting collegial atmosphere with a lot of personal freedom, wherein each group member both leads research projects and collaborates on projects led by others.

The position is available now and will remain open until September 2014 or until filled; we are flexible with regard to start dates. The initial term will be for one year with the potential for renewal for up to a maximum of four years. The position will involve working with Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institution Dept. of Global Ecology on the Stanford University campus. Carnegie Institution post-docs have access to most Stanford facilities. Interested potential postdocs should send an email to <> with ‘[geoeng]’ in the subject line, containing (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a few sentences on research interests, and (3) the names and contact info for three references. (It is helpful if you also fill out this web form: )

Key factors in our hiring decisions will be intelligence, thoughtfulness, creativity, motivation, productivity, and a record of successful scientific or technical publication. We are flexible with regard to your domain of expertise. The Carnegie Institution is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, sex, age, physical condition, or country of national origin.

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