December 2012
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[Met-jobs] 2-year Post-doc position at IPSL, Paris, France on Urban climate/Future exposure conditions

From Myrto Valari <>
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 16:01:18 +0100

Please find attached the announcement of a two-year post-doc position
at LMD-IPSL in Paris France.

Job title: Two year post-doctoral position at LMD-IPSL on the
mitigation strategies that can be used to reduce urbanization and
climate change effects on the local air-quality to a mid-century
horizon (2030-2060).

Location: Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique/Ecole Polytechnique,
Paris, France

Job description: Changes in urban design and traffic policy,
demography, climate and associated adaptation and mitigation measures,
and environmental policies, are likely to modify both outdoor and
indoor air quality and therefore public health. The proposed project
will focus on the Paris metropolitan area and aims to improve our
understanding of future exposure situations by developing an
integrated modelling approach including climate change, urban
meteorology, local emissions, indoors air-quality and time-activity.
Mid-century meteorology and regional scale air-quality datasets
incorporating climate change will be provided by the
IPSL-CM/WRF/CHIMERE model suite as part of the European FP7 IMPACT2C
project. As part of the project, the local agency AIRPARIF will
develop future emission projections for Paris to the 2050 horizon
based on available scenarios on local policies, urban planning,
traffic management, vehicle fleet and economic growth. To investigate
the effects of green areas and different building types on the
increased heating over urban areas (heat island effect) and city
ventilation, our collaborators from the Royal Meteorological Institute
of Belgium will conduct urban climate simulations under several
land-use scenarios using dedicated flux models over Paris (Town Energy
Budget model).
The research position proposed here involves (i) the downscaling of
regional air-quality simulations to the urban scale (e.g. horizontal
resolution of 2-4km) using the novel subgrid scale scheme incorporated
in the CHIMERE model; (ii) developing, modeling and interpreting
exposure scenarios combining the existing climate and air-quality
datasets with population and activity data and (iii) the collaboration
with the “Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment” to incorporate
an indoor air-quality module to the aforementioned exposure model. The
successful candidate will be part of an international and
interdisciplinary team including air-quality modelers, epidemiologists
and city planners in the framework of the European ERA-NET project
ACCEPTED (beginning of the project January 2013, duration three

Salary is commensurate with experience, and includes full social and
health benefits.
Requirements: The candidate should hold a PhD in atmospheric science
or a closely related field completed within the last five years.
Demonstrated experience in atmospheric modeling. Proficiency with
pertinent computer languages and tools (Unix, Fortran, Matlab or
Python). Ability to communicate effectively in English.

Your application should consist of a cover letter explaining how your
education, experience and background qualifies you for this position,
as well as a curriculum vitae and contact details for three people who
have agreed to act as references and can comment on your
qualifications and experience relevant to this position. Applications
should be addressed to: Myrto Valari: myrto.valari at and Laurent Menut: laurent.menut at For more information please contact myrto.valari

Applications received by January 31st, 2013 will be given full
consideration. The project is expected to start by March 1st 2013.

Myrto Valari


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