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[Met-jobs] Post-doctoral Fellow (isotopic geochemistry) at L-IPSL of the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (France)

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Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 09:20:47 +0000

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L-IPSL Post-doctoral fellow offer in isotopic geochemistry : Water
Isotope database: present and past archives.

The excellence laboratory L-IPSL of the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace
offers a post-doctoral position of 2 years to built a database on ^18 O
and D isotopes combining observations and simulations at various

Context : Water stable isotopes are a powerful tool to decipher the
hydrological cycle at global and local scales.The objectives of this
project are:

-to obtain a global vision of isotopic changes for well documented past
periods (6kyrs, LGM, Eemian, DO events,…)and to better interpret
isotopic proxies in terms of climate change.

-to better understand the differences between data and models: are they
related to the representation of processes? to different spatial
(horizontal and/or vertical) scales between the data point and the model

-to better understand the factors controlling past isotopic evolutions
in ice, carbonate and sediment archives.A forward proxy modeling will be
developed for better quantify the relative influence of different
climate parameters.

Description of work : ThisworkispartoftheLabexL-IPSLprojectwhichaimsat
ourknowledgeonclimatechangeandtoanticipateitsimpactsonnatureandsocietyThe main

tool to be developed is a database on ∂18O and ∂D grouping data
(instrumental and paleoclimate archives) and model simulations at
different time scales. The activities include:

-synthesis of precipitation and sea water observational data for the
instrumental period prolonged for the period of historical simulations
(1800-2010) by tree-rings, ice cores, speleothems and coral data;

-synthesis of paleo-data, beginning with continental data, for key
periods of the past (6k, Eemian, ..) or transition period where
simulations are (will be) available (6 – 2k, D/O, Late Glacial,…). A
link with two other IPSL projects concerning LGM and water vapor must
also be developed.

-making available simulated equivalentsfor each data point, at least for
IPSL models.

The recruited post-doctorate fellow will have to gather the data and
discuss their validity/uncertainty for isotope value and chronology. A
close collaboration with IPSL researchers will be necessary for this
task that, certainly, will lead to the production of scientific
publications. An experience in isotope geochemistry is required for this

Supervision team:The work will be conducted at LSCE/IPSL, under the
main supervision of V. Masson-Delmotte and in close connection with
other researchers: Françoise Vimeux (Water Vapor), Laurence Gourcy
(Precipitations), Camille Risi (Atmosphere Modeling), Jean Claude Dutay
(Ocean Modeling); Catherine Pierre (Ocean Data), Valerie Daux (Tree
Rings), Dominique Genty (Speleothems), Claire Waelbroeck (Ocean Cores),
Didier Roche (Glacial Periods), Laurent Bergonzini (Lakes), Bruno Turcq
(Paleo-monsoon), Bruno Malaize (Lake Sediment).

Duration and salary:Thepost-doctoratewillberecruitedat least for 12
months with a net monthly salary around 2000 euros, commensurate with
experience. This includes social services and health insurance.

Contact for applications:Applications should include a CV, a statement
of research interests and the names of at least two references including
e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Applications should be submitted
by e-mail to Valérie Masson-Delmotte (<>).

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