November 2012
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[Met-jobs] Post doctoral position in ocean modelling at ENSTA-ParisTech

From "Roger Brugge" <>
To "" <>
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 10:14:34 +0000

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking to fill one post-doctoral position described below.
Please distribute to anyone that may be interested, and apologies for 

Best Regards,
Thomas Arsouze.


Post-doctoral position on « Inter-bassins exchanges in the Western 
Mediterranean Sea (AGRIF-MED) »

Contract duration: 18 months

Starting date: April 2013 (flexible)

Laboratory: ENSTA ParisTech, UME, Campus Scientific de Palaiseau (FGO team, 
with Karine Béranger and Thomas Arsouze, in close collaboration with CNRM)

Scientific background: The north-western Mediterranean, or more commonly 
referred to as the Gulf of Lion, is a highly favorable area for observing a 
large diversity of dynamical oceanic processes (winter convection, shallow 
circulation above the plateau, steep continental margin slope with canyons, 
coastal current, upwellings, etc ...). In particular, the current along the 
northern margin (Millot 1999), which meanders and forms mesoscale eddies, is a 
key process in cross-shore exchanges (Langlais, 2007, Ourmières et al. 2011) 
and mixing in general.  Winter convection that takes place in the Gulf of Lion 
fuels the Mediterranean thermohaline circulation (Schott et al. 1996), with 
strong interannual events amplitudes (Schroeder et al. 2008). Mesoscale and 
sub-mesoscale structures play an important role in the transport of water 
masses formed, especially from the northern to the southern part of the basin 
(Beuvier et al., 2012; Testor and Gascard 2003). To better understand these 
processes, we use numerical models with increasingly high resolution to resolve 
sub-mesoscale (filaments, eddies, <10km) to represent the turbulent mixing zone.

Job Description: The project proposed here aims to set up a high-resolution 
(1/36 °) oceanic zoom in the Gulf of Lion interacting (two-ways) with a model 
of greater influence and lower resolution (1/12 °). The tool is based on the 
European Code NEMO, in the Mediterranean configuration, and the interactions 
between the nested zone and the larger domain are managed by the AGRIF tool. A 
relatively high number of observations in this region (MOOSE network, MEDOC 
mooring, etc..., and the ones that will be obtained during oceanographic 
cruises planned in the framework of the HYMEX program) and the reanalysis of 
the circulation of the Mediterranean performed at 1/12 ° (ReaMED project) that 
will soon be available will be used to validate the simulations. This first 
set-up at 1/12 ° and 1/36 ° could be used to implement zooms at higher 
resolution of 1/72 ° or more (500m, 1km). Cross-shore exchanges in the Gulf of 
Lion, as well as water mass transport between the Gulf of Lion,  the Algerian 
basin,  the Strait of Gibraltar and the Tyrrhenian Sea will be analyzed. The 
quantification of imported and exported water from one region to another as 
part of small-scale structures (sub-mesoscale) will be of particular attention. 
The critical point of this study is the estimation of the turbulent transport 
of water masses in coherent structures (little mixing with surrounding waters).

Qualifications: Candidates must hold a PhD in physical oceanography or 
atmospheric dynamics with experience in numerical modeling. The emphasis of the 
project is on the establishment of a numerical modeling configuration, as well 
as comparison with data. Experience with programming tools and scientific 
visualization (unix environment, fortran, matlab or idl) would be highly 
advantegeous. Knowledge of NEMO and / or AGRIF is a plus.

Compensation: net salary will be approximatively 2000 euros per month depending 
on experience.

Contact: Interested candidates should send a CV, an application letter (which 
details their interest in the project, and what their aptitude is compared to 
the project objectives) and the contact details of two referees to Thomas 

Thomas Arsouze

Unité de Mécanique - UME
828 boulevard des Maréchaux
91762 Palaiseau Cedex

tel : 01 69 31 97 54

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