October 2012
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[Met-jobs] PhD Studentship: Modeling Study of the Aerosol-Cloud Interaction

From Vaughan Phillips <>
To "" <>
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:44:58 +0100

PhD Research Project

Modeling Study of the Cloud-Aerosol Interaction

The School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, UK, is seeking 
applications for a 3-year PhD studentship.

Entry requirements/necessary background: A BSc degree in physics, engineering 
or a related area is required, with an MSc degree giving an advantage.

Required skills: experience in using FORTRAN or C, and analysis packages such 
as MATLAB, is needed.  Fluency in maths and statistics is essential. Some 
knowledge of atmospheric science and general physics is needed.

Research topic:

The linkage between aerosol particles and cloud properties is crucial to treat 
in atmospheric models when projecting future changes in climate.  Particulate 
aerosol pollution increases the amount of sunlight reflected to space globally 
from clouds. It can alter the precipitation production of clouds and their 
latent heating. Continental aerosols can modify the intensity of systems of 
severe weather, such as hurricanes and other tropical cyclones.

In this project, clouds’ dependencies on aerosol conditions of chemistry and 
loading will be treated in a hierarchy of cloud models and large-scale models.  
Focus will be given to influences from aerosol pollution on glaciated clouds.   
The aim is to represent this linkage better in the large-scale models used for 
climate studies.

The project will benefit the community by allowing more accurate prediction of 
severe weather and climate change.   Hail, intense precipitation, lightning and 
hurricane intensity are all aspects of severe weather, with broad 
socio-economic impacts and with physical dependencies on aerosol properties of 
the environment.

Funding: The student will receive a stipend approximately at the level of 
similar funding by UK research councils (13590 GBP per year) and will not pay 
any tuition fees.

More information and how to apply is given at:

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