March 2012
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[Met-jobs] PhD study opening, Créteil - France

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 07:35:30 +0000

PhD proposition

Physico-chemical and optical properties of mineral dust in the western 
Mediterranean: aging during transport and implications for the estimation of 
the direct radiative effect at the regional scale.

Mineral dust emitted by soil erosion on arid and semi-arid regions contribute 
to about half of aerosol emission at the global scale. 
Because of their strong concentrations and their physico-chemical properties 
(size, composition and morphology), mineral dust can affect the radiative 
budget in the solar and the infrared spectra and therefore can affect the earth 
climate, with important consequences on the water cycle and the atmospheric 
The Mediterranean basin is an interesting region to study the impact of the 
radiative perturbation of mineral dust. Semi-enclosed basin by important 
orography, the Mediterranean basin is the source or the transport region of 
several types of aerosols of natural and anthropogenic origins, e.g., sea salt, 
biogenic, biomass burning, industrial and urban, including mineral dust which 
is emitted from Africa, the most intense source at the global scale. The 
Mediterranean basin is submitted to a strong demographic increase and to a 
tendency to drought.
The research proposed for this PhD position will be conducted during the 
ChArMEx (Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiments) program, aiming at 
quantifying the direct radiative impact of mineral dust aerosols at the 
regional scale. The objective of the work is the characterisation of the 
physico-chemical properties which rule the direct radiative effect and the 
investigation of the effect of aging during transport over the basin, by 
deposition, mixing with aerosol of other origins, absorption of water vapour 
and by heterogeneous reactions with gaseous species. In particular, the 
characterisation of the surface state of dust particles and the possible 
coating of dust particles with organic material will be investigated. The 
candidate will participate to field campaign which will be conducted in June 
2013 both onboard the French research aircraft ATR-42 and on the ground at the 
Island of Lampedusa. He/she will be in charge of aerosol sampling which will be 
performed using the sampling tools developed at the LISA, the AVIRAD airborne 
sampling system and the PEGASUS mobile platform. The results of the 
experimental investigation will be used to initiate modelling of the optical 
and radiative properties of mineral dust. The results will be compared to data 
obtained for dust at emission to highlight the possible effect of aging. 

The candidate will have a strong background in physics (preferred) or 
chemistry. He/She will have a good knowledge of English. Enthusiastic and 
highly-motivated candidates are preferred. 
The research will be conducted at the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des 
Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA), in Créteil - France (, under 
the supervision of Dr. Paola Formenti (phone: 0033(0); email 
Funding for this scholarship is not secured but it is very likely and it will 
also depend on the quality of the candidate. After examination of his/her CV by 
the Doctoral School, he/she will be interviewed (in English if necessary, by 
skype if requested) in early July. The appointment will be for three years 
starting from September 2012. The monthly salary will be around 1700 euros net.
The diploma will be awarded by the Doctoral School of the Universities Paris 
Marie-Pierre Curie and Paris Diderot.

Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA)
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies
61 Avenue du Général de Gaulle,
94010 CRETEIL Cedex
Tél: 0033.(0)
Fax: 0033.(0)

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