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Date Fri, 7 Oct 2011 09:22:57 +0100


Web Area maintenance

The PPS Web Areas (SAF Network, Program Preparation, other projects) encompasses a system and suite of tools necessary to support PPS projects, and cross-support activities and functions. Examples for the intranet are support to Reviews, Baseline Control, division-level collaboration, for the extranet are exchange of information elements between EUMETSAT and external entities, web pages organisation etc. Such systems and tools need to be updated in accordance with the on-going and evolving usage/needs of PPS and in line with the processes and working practices in place at PPS.

Furthermore, due to the evolution of the main EUMETSAT web site, updating, upgrading, redesign/implementation, porting activities can be already anticipated as necessary for the web pages prepared by PPS.

  • Maintain, update and refine the Program Preparation and SAF Network Management Intranet and Extranet Systems;
  • Use of the content management tool for intranet and internet page update

Maintenance of Web Content and Documentation Baseline

The continuous evolution of the SAF Network requires systematic updates to the contents of related pages in addition to maintaining their coherence with the inter-linked external web sites (e.g. SAFs Leading Entities, ESA Initiatives, WMO Initiatives, ...). This requires continuous cross-checks between EUMETSAT PPS pages and external pages. Documents relevant to the SAF Network need to be maintained continuously up to date within the PPS web pages. This requires a systematic control of the documents received from external entities and related configuration. The maintenance of the documentation database that supports the PPS Web SAF Baseline pages implies the maintenance of the appropriate metadata. Because of the number of SAFs and documents, this task will occupy a considerable amount of the consultant’s time. For SAF documents, see also the related task.

It is expected that the Program Preparation Web Area which is currently not as extensive will eventually experience a similar evolution of content.

  • Maintenance of EUMETSAT SAFs and Updating of Future Programs Web Area contents;
  • Maintenance of the Documentation Baselines available (SAFs) (or to be made available on the web and the related database metadata);
  • Maintenance and Synchronisation of the archived Documentation Baseline with the related SAF Web Documentation Baseline);
  • Ingestion of the related new metadata into the Oracle Database;
  • Maintenance of the SAF System Architecture available through the Web;
  • Representation of PPS at cross-organisational Web Service Team meetings.

A particular part of the web content to be managed will be the Network Baseline Management page that displays/reports the main archived information elements of the SAF Network.

While the definition of its contents is under the responsibility of other personnel in the SNM team, the maintenance of such information (including links to the archived system, the in and out transfer for updating, synchronisation of the documentation baseline etc.) will be in scope for the web and engineering support activities. The task will specifically include the updating of scheduling information related to PPS managed activities for which reporting on the intranet is foreseen.

  • Support the SAF Network Baseline Management.

In addition, using the EUMETSAT Web Site framework, the consultant shall support the SAF Network System Engineer in the conception of appropriate Web Pages federating the individual SAF Web Sites maintained by each of the eight SAF Projects, aiming to implement a unified mechanism to navigate through the decentralised information provided by the SAFs.

  • Federation of SAF Web Sites
    • Implementation of Web Pages contents federating all SAFs Web Sites information;
    • Maintenance of these EUMETSAT SAFs Web pages.

Support to Web related to PPS engineering activities

Using the PPS Web Area tools (see above), the support to SAF Reviews requires specific activities related to engineering preparation (e.g. reception, control, access management of/to Review Data Packages, configuration of the review support tool handling the Review Item Dispositions..) and post-review activities (monitoring of pending documents changes and documents updating…). Due to the relatively high number of reviews within the SAF Network (typically a minimum 10 per year), this task may occupy a relevant amount of the consultant’s effort.

Because of the high interaction between the PPS staff and other EUMETSAT internal and external entities, ad-hoc tasks (e.g. support to workshops organised by PPS, road-maps of activities etc.) and related intranet/extranet updates are required.

  • Support to SAF Reviews.

Support the SAF Steering Groups

SAF Steering Groups meet nominally twice a year. In this respect a set documentation related to this Steering Group is delivered over the same period of time.

The Web will be used to support these activities by providing the access of the documentation that is relevant to each Steering Group.

  • Creation of a SAF Web pages supporting SAFs Steering Groups and allowing access to relevant documentation.

To Maintain the SAF EUMETSAT FTP Server

A dedicated FTP Server is available for the exchange of documentation between the SAFs and EUMETSAT. This FTP server supports dedicated reviews and also a dedicated documentation exchange during different phases of the project.

  • Maintenance of the SAF EUMETSAT FTP Server and its dedicated directories.

To support the Web-integration of the SAF Requirements framework

Today, SAF Product Requirements are maintained in a local Requirements Management Database installation in EUMETSAT. Input is provided by the SAF Project managers when needed and used to update the central Database. It is foreseen to supplement the existing Database with a Web-based service, allowing dynamic access to the stored information over the Internet, and to simplify the process of providing updated information.

  • Creation and maintenance of the Web-element of the SAF Requirements framework;
  • Creation and maintenance of an interface between the Web-element of the SAF Requirements framework and the existing Requirements Management Database.

To support the generation and maintenance of the SCOPE-CM web services

SCOPE-CM is a WMO initiative with the goal of the sustained generation of Climate Data Records, coordinated by the various operators of meteorological satellites. The PPS division of EUMETSAT hosts the Secretariat of this initiative, and is responsible for the organisation of the related meetings, preparation of documents and the hosting of the web services.

Currently, a project with GES/ICT is in preparation, to create the web site and web based collaboration tools for SCOPE-CM.

  • Support the generation and maintenance of the SCOPE-CM Web based services at EUMETSAT.


Because of its scope, a more detailed description will only be possible in the course of the Work.

The Tasks Description section before provides an outline of the activities to be performed.

For all tasks, the inputs will be:

  • The current status of the SAFs and Future Programmes Web Areas; and
  • The specific directives that will be provided case by case by the SNM System Engineer for the SAF and by PPS studies manager for the programmes preparation activities;
  • Work Packages and their updates as necessary.
  • For all tasks, the outputs will be the updated web areas system/tools and/or contents (i.e. information on the SAF Network Architecture).


As a minimum, the consultant shall have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent and the experience and skills, hereafter specified, are mandatory;

Experience (Mandatory)

  • Extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining web content and services in Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems across distributed web sites;
  • Experience of Web Contents Management Systems.
  • Experience in Relational Database (e.g: Oracle) and metadata management for documentation system based on the extranet

Technology Skills (Mandatory)

  • Extensive experience in PHP/_javascript_/HTML;
  • Experience in Relational Database (e.g. Oracle).

Complementary Experience / Qualifications

Experience in one or more of the following will be considered as an advantage:

  • Use of Web Collaboration Tools;
  • Knowledge of Internet technical and organisational aspects, internetworking concepts and architectures, “classical” Internet applications (e.g. FTP, SMTP, NNTP);
  • Some experience in Graphic Tools (e.g., Photoshop);
  • “Flash” development experience;
  • Some knowledge of image processing;
  • Some knowledge in XML;
  • Basic knowledge of:

o   Project Planning (particularly in Space Projects or other large, complex systems);

o   Configuration Control;

o   ECSS System Engineering Standards.

·        Being EUMETSAT ISO 9000 certified, experience of working in an ISO-certified environment would be appreciated.


Please send you CV in English to:

Simon Davidson via

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