September 2011
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[Met-jobs] Postdoc Position at IPSL/LSCE (France)

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Thu, 8 Sep 2011 08:45:53 +0000

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Postdoc position to model the spread of radionuclides from fires in
areas affected by Chernobyl and the consequences for human health,
ecology and biodiversity

Description: We seek applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow position to
model radionuclide redistribution as a consequence of fires that occur
in the vicinity of Chernobyl. The disaster at the Chernobyl power plant
in 1986 released more than 130 PBq of radioactivity, with most deposited
in nearby areas of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Approximately half of
this material still remains after natural decay of radionuclides. More
than 10,000 km2 were heavily contaminated, and most human activity
including forestry ceased in these areas, causing accumulation of
firewood for the last 25 years. Because climate change has in addition
caused an increase in temperatures and a decrease in precipitation,
there is an increased risk of forest fires. Such fires are
disproportionately located in contaminated areas as revealed by
satellite images. Forest fires produce radioactive smoke that can be
transported and subsequently deposited in densely populated areas such
as Kiev and Moscow, depending on wind direction and patterns of
rainfall. Such redistribution of radioactivity could have dramatic
consequences for public health, but also animals and plants, and for the
possibility to grow crops and practice farming in large areas that are
not contaminated today.

The objective of this Postdoctoral Fellowship is to assess the
consequences of different kinds of forest fire (minor fires,
intermediate fires that affect 30% of the area, worst case scenario of
the entire area being affected by fire) on re-­-distribution of
radioactive material. The project will use a state of the art earth
system model in which a fire model, SPITFIRE, has been embedded. We will
model climate change, risk and distribution of forest fires and
determine risk of deposition of radioactive material transported by
smoke. We will calculate radioisotopes concentration and deposition
fields from which exposure doses can be derived. This will allow health
experts to quantify public health and biological consequences of such
re-­-distribution of radioactive material.

At an early stage in this work a workshop will bring together fire
experts, health experts and ecologists to assess the current state of
understanding and the uncertainties associated with modeling fires and
radionuclides. The position is for 24 months, and we would like the
candidate to start at or close to October 15th 2011.

Candidate background: We seek candidates that have a thesis, a superior
ability to write papers, and familiarity with numerical modeling. The
applications should include a resume, a statement of research interests
and the names of at least two references including e-­-mail addresses
and telephone numbers.

Contacts: Yves Balkanski

Lab. des Sc. du Climat et de l'Environnement LSCE
L'Orme des Merisiers -­- Bat 712, Point Courrier 132
F-­-91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, FRANCE
T +33 1 6908-­-7725

Anders Møller Lab. Ecologie, Systematique et Evolution UMR 8079
CNRS-­-Université Paris-­-Sud XI-­-AgroParisTech Bat 362 Université
Paris-­-Sud XI F-­-91405 Orsay Cedex, FRANCE

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