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[Met-jobs] Climate Research Position Opportunities with the Southwest Climate Science Center, Southwest Climate Alliance (USA)

From "Roger Brugge" <>
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Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 12:03:49 +0000

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Climate Research Position Opportunities
Southwest Climate Science Center, Southwest Climate Alliance

An alliance of six universities <> has been
appointed by the US Department of the Interior (USDI) to host and support a
Southwest Climate Science Center (SWCSC).  The host institutions seek to
hire several positions to contribute to a linked research program on
physical, biological, and societal aspects of climate change in the
southwestern United States. This coordinated effort will require a close
interaction across teams from the participating institutions, and
interaction with decision makers to inform integrated planning and
management activities under way throughout the region.

Expressions of interest for particular positions are solicited from the
following participating institutions.

1.      University of California, Davis.  A post-doc to help meet the needs
of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs), Fish and Wildlife
Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management for
information on adaptive management in response to climate change. The
position will focus on modeling ecological responses of populations to
ecosystems and providing decision support for management of biological
resources. The post-doc will assist in translating the information directly
to stakeholders and agency representatives at state and regional levels. The
post-doc also will work to convey agency needs for information on climate
and climate variability to post-docs and researchers at UCLA, Scripps and
DRI/WRCC. Please contact Professor Mark Schwartz, <>.

2.      University of California Los Angeles.  A post-doc working on
downscaling of climate model results via nested physical based models for
the southwestern United States and its coastal waters. This is an expansion
of the current UCLA physical based model to extents of 2 to 12 km. The
post-doc will also work to improve this model's ability to capture natural
climate variability. The post-doc will work with local Department of the
Interior agencies, US Forest Service, state agencies, and local and regional
water management groups. This post-doc will be working particularly closely
with colleagues at Scripps Institution of Oceanography to generate a
coordinated and comprehensive set of regional products. She or he also will
also work closely with DRI on presentation and visualization of results.
Please contact Professor Glen MacDonald, <>.

3.      Scripps Institution of Oceanography/University of California, San
Diego.  A post-doc working on downscaling and interpretation of observed and
model simulated climate and hydrologic variability over the 20th and 21st
centuries for the Southwest region. This post-doc ideally will be skilled in
statistical data analysis and synoptic meteorology and will use the
downscaled data products to study variability and change in temperature,
precipitation and hydrologic extremes. He or she will be interfacing with
the UCLA post-doc on fine resolution climate issues and with post-docs
working at other partner institutions on issues of instrumental climate
variability, ecology, hydrology, resource management, and social science, as
well as working with local Department of the Interior and state agencies.
Please contact Dr. Alexander Gershunov, <>.

4.      Desert Research Institute, Western Regional Climate Center, Reno NV.
A computer scientist / climate analyst will work to improve the development,
enhancement, access, and visualization of climate databases to meet needs of
the SWCSC partners and affiliates. These needs span historical and ongoing
in situ observations and gridded or interpolated fine-resolution fields of
hydroclimatic elements, data integration, climate monitoring methods, data
search and interactive access and visualization tools, and applications for
climate adaptation that make use of projected conditions. Activities will be
informed by past and ongoing stakeholder interactions, and will be
coordinated with national RCC data management and access initiatives.  These
efforts will also link with and serve the 5 CSCs the 14 Landscape
Conservation Cooperatives within the WRCC service region, and USDI agencies.
This individual will work extensively with post-docs at the other 5
institutions to ensure a comprehensive and highly usable suite of products.
Applicants at BS/MS/PhD levels with strong computer science and
physical/mathematical interests will be considered for permanent hire.
Please contact Dr. Kelly Redmond, <>.

Within the research profiles outlined above, these climate science
researchers will also be involved in authoring of the Southwest Climate
Alliance's contribution to the United States National Climate Assessment.
Post-doc appointments are for one year at the respective institutions, with
performance-based extensions possible.

Information about the postdoctoral opportunities and the Southwest Climate
Alliance is available from <>.

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