April 2011
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[Met-jobs] Funded DPhil (PhD) oceanography studentship at Oxford

From Sarah Harrington <>
To <>
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:15:15 +0100

The sub-Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP) at the University of Oxford has the following NERC-funded DPhil (PhD) project available for October 2011:

Impact of submesoscale and mixing processes on the annual subduction of water masses

Supervisors:  David Marshall (AOPP, Oxford), George Nurser (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Alberto Naveira Garabato (University of Southampton)

A key uncertainty in ocean circulation models is the role of the ocean surface boundary layer in mediating exchanges of heat, momentum and trace substances between the atmosphere and the ocean interior. Recent work has demonstrated the critical role played by submesoscale processes, occurring on scales down to a kilometre. In this project, the student will study the sensitivity of the annual surface boundary layer cycle to the representation of submesoscale processes. Specific questions include: What roles do submesoscale processes play in controlling the restratification of the seasonal boundary layer and hence its maximum depth (in late winter) in different regimes? What is the impact of submesoscale processes on the properties and volumes of water masses subducted over the annual cycle? How are the submesoscale processes affected by the introduced of the various vertical mixing parameterisations? How sensitive are the results to model resolution and is there any convergence? This work will involve idealised numerical calculations with an existing ocean circulation model, in regimes characterising different parts of the ocean. This is part of a wider project, "Ocean Surface Mixing, Ocean Sub-mesoscale Interaction Study" (OSMOSIS) led by the University of Reading and involving other partners.  

For details of how to apply, eligibility, etc. see

Closing date for application is 27 May 2011.

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